Spring Watch – Granary Barn

Granary barn duck eggs

It’s like spring watch here at Granary Barn at the moment, things are getting a little bit exciting as we’re expecting a delivery, not from the stork but our cheeky runner ducks, however it’s difficult to tell who is actually the mom.

We started with 12 lovely blue duck eggs and 2 chicken eggs! Unfortunately one of the chicken eggs went astray and we’re not entirely sure that the other one is still in the nest, it’s hard to tell amongst all those feathers and bits.

At the beginning of the month, our piebald runner was in charge of proceedings as she gathered all the eggs in the duck house into a little circle and then proceeded to make a comfy nest with bits and bobs she found nearby. Every morning she would rush out of the house at break neck speed (or should that be beak neck) scoff some food have a bath then run back as fast as her legs would carry her, however after about a week she decided that this was far too much like hard work as everyone else was out enjoying life in the back meadow and she was missing out, she decided that being a parent wasn’t for her and gave up.

Cross at her lack of staying power our little brown duck wasn’t having things abandoned on her watch and promptly took on the role. Little brown duck was taking the new job much more seriously than her sister and the morning ritual of breakfast and bath was done at lightning speed, her little legs going so fast she almost fell over them. So now it’s just a waiting game, all the other birds must know things are about to happen as little brown duck has been joined in the house by Jemima most afternoons and Dad can be seen pacing up and down occasionally accompanied by Piebald duck in anticipation. Even Lucy and Goosey are getting in on the act (although I’m a little worried that they may have a more sinister motive having seen how one of them scoffed down a whole frog the other day😱) they can be seen waiting it out by the entrance.

Hopefully, all is well and in a couple more days we will hear the pitta patter of webbed feet but until then its a waiting game. Pop back next month to see how things get on.